How To Set Goals

When setting goals, they should be actionable, measurable, and attainable.  Each goal should include an action step as well as the goal itself.  They should be very specific. The idea behind a goal should allow you to start formulating a formula for success.

If I do this, then this is the result I would expect.

Once a formula has been established, you to produce the same steps to achieve the same results and you can modify the formula to attain better results.

Bad: I want to have more people signed up on my mailing list.

This goal is attainable, it doesn’t have any actionable, or measurable sets defined.

Better: I want 5 new signups a week to sign up on my mailing list by running a Facebook ads.

With this goal, we can measure the success by counting the number of people that are signing up.  But the action if very generic, and undefined.

Best: I want 5 new signups a week to sign up on my mailing list by running 5 Facebook ad campaigns focusing and targeting women with children under the age of 16 and have some form of higher education, with a Facebook budget of $125 for 2 weeks total.

This has very measurable and actionable steps.  If we struggle to attain this goal, we can adjust numbers until we start to formulate the exact number of ads or change focus groups to get the desire results.