These oils have done so much for my family and me.  And once you become a Beach Dropper, you are part of a family.  As a family, we get to know each others lives, get brunch, and keep our promises.  This is my promise to you.  If you are not completely convinced in the power of these oils after 2 weeks, I will buy back all the oils you have left.  Here is how it works.

After you get the kit, you will receive a series of emails from the Beach Dropper.  This is the 9 Day Starter Kit Challenge.  By the end of the 9th day, about 50% to 60% of the oils in your kit would be consumed.  Send me the remaining oils (you keep the diffuser) and I will send you 50% of the kit value minus the wholesale cost of the diffuser.

Example:  The Premium Kit with the Dewdrop diffuser is $160.  The wholesale cost of the Dewdrop diffuser is $63.75.  The kit minus the diffuser is $96.25.  You would receive $48.13 within 24 hours of receiving and inspecting the oils.

No one likes shipping costs.  So I believe it is better for all persons to bare a little, than any one person to bare a lot.  I will also reimburse 50% of the shipping cost, up to a $15 maximum.  Oils must be in the original containers.

And of course this is all just standard policy.  I do reserve the right to raise and lower the value depending on the situation.  And if there is any disputes, I will simply send back the oils in the condition that I received them.